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Wireless Microphone System Accessories

Wireless Microphone System Accessories

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  • Guitar Input Cable for Wireless


    Guitar Input Cable for Wireless

    1/4" phone plug to locking 4-pin connector for use between instrument and A-T UniPak® body-pack wireless transmitters. 36" (0.9 m) cable.
  • In-ear Dynamic Headphones


    In-ear Dynamic Headphones

    EP1 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones come with three sizes of rubber flexible earpieces and universal-fit foam tips for a custom fit, increased iso..
  • Antenna Combiner


    Antenna Combiner

    Audio-Technica MCB4 Antenna Combiner allows the signals of up to four M3 Wireless In-Ear Monitor stereo transmitters to be combined onto a s..
  • Joining Plate


    Joining Plate

    Joining plate mounts two M2 or M3 transmitters in a single 19" rack space
  • Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone


    Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone

    Ambient omnidirectional condenser lavalier microphone terminated with a right-angle 3.5 mm connector (compatible with Audio-Technica M2 & M3..
  • In-ear Dynamic Headphones


    In-ear Dynamic Headphones

    The EP3 Dynamic In-Ear Headphones are equipped with proprietary Audio-Technica dynamic drivers offering a full frequency response and richly..
  • ATW-R3100b 3000 Series Wireless Receiver


    ATW-R3100b 3000 Series Wireless Receiver

    Audio-Technica’s third-generation 3000 Series wireless systems offer up to 1001 selectable UHF frequencies and new features for clear soun..
  • Camera-Mount Receiver


    Camera-Mount Receiver

    With its compact, portable design, the ATW-R1700 Camera-Mount digital wireless receiver is perfect for video production, electronic news g..
  • Stompbox Digital Wireless System


    Stompbox Digital Wireless System

    The System 10 Stompbox digital wireless receiver combines the advanced 24-bit operation, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality of ot..
  • Stack-mount Receiver


    Stack-mount Receiver

    Audio-Technica’s System 10 is a digital high-fidelity wireless system designed to provide performing musicians and presenters with advan..